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Faculty in your major are committed to your success. They know many students want to plan the courses they take well in advance and so have created what CMU calls Major Maps. These maps illustrate one possible path to completing your major, based on the sequence of courses faculty recommend, and their best guess as to when those courses will be offered. The maps will give you a rough guide for planning, but remember they are only a guide. Be sure to check your plans periodically with the most current Class Schedule and your advisor as changes will certainly occur and you have the primary responsibility for accommodating to those changes.These maps are based on the most recently approved major and thus may have limited usefulness for majors approved earlier—another reason to be sure to talk with you advisor.

Look at the top of the Major Map page! Note the degree listed in the second line of the Major Map to be sure it is the one you are seeking.

No map? If there is no link for the major for which you are seeking information, please contact the department directly.